About us

The Researchers

We are Masters students in the Urban Studies program at Malmö University, Sweden.

This website is the result of our self-directed research project for the course “Making Urban Studies”. The course coordinator is Peter Parker. Our project supervisor has been Emil Pull.

Mariangela Pastorello

My background is rich and for sure it feeds into my passion for cross-sectoral analysis: a Master’s Degree in International Communication (University of Turin, Italy) and a Graphic Design Diploma, making me highly interested in spotting visual and language signs signalling any change in our cultural & food geographies; a broad experience in cultural management and participatory creative projects that lights my fire in exploring and connecting experiences and perceptions that link individual to shared, local to global, culture to politics, psychology to spatial interactions, social life to environment.

Erich Stüssi

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada and have an Industrial Design background; therefore I have always been interested in the built objects and environment that surround us. After working for various tech related companies for the past 6 years in Berlin I have become much more interested in the role of systems, structures and policies in our environment. I see the current state of the food delivery as being endemic to those systems created by the growing tech industry.

Nora Bittmann

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I have a great appreciation for interdisciplinary work that allows me to approach a topic from different angles, which I believe is crucial for understanding the complex urban geographies we are confronted with today. My enthusiasm to discover how and what type of connections can change people and places was sparked by my part-time work at a Think & Do Tank in Berlin focused on the building and researching of impact oriented networks. Finally, being a passionate cook and baker in my private life, I could naturally relate to investigating the urban traces of food in our cities.